About the farm

Welcome to the Podillya’s Hunters Club ” Golden pheasant “!

Dear fans of hunting and outdoor activities! Hunting base and hunting economy which is located in a picturesque place of Khmelnytskyi Region are invited you.  Picturesque nature, proper rest, modern hotel with comfortable rooms, a bath (sauna) are only a small list of what we offer our guests:

  • hunting for pheasant in the hunting area;
  • adult pheasants for sale;
  • hunting from the tower and approach to male European roe deer (hunting period: from May to December);
  • hunting from the tower to the male Boar (hunting period: August, January);
  • individual hunting for wild boar from the tower (hunting period: from September to December);
  • observation and photography (hunting period: all year);
  • individual hunting for ungulates with beaters (hunting period: from November to January);
  • individual hunting for wild boar with hunting dogs (Laika) (hunting period: from November to January);
  • hunting  for wild boar from the  tower with a bow and a crossbow (hunting period: from  November to December).

In the pond area of 9.5 hectares is proposed fishing for carp, crucian, grass carp, silver carp, tench.. If you want to organize hunting, fishing and recreation call:

  • Huntsman chief Anatoly Volodymyrovych +38 (067) 999 17 05
  • Managing Recreation “Sviatobor” Vitaly Dmitrovich +38 (098) 006 55 97,  +38 (067) 326 56 36
  • Head fazanariem Oleg Yuhimovich +38 (098) 633 32 90

We always negotiate with you! We are waiting for your arrival!

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January 25, 2016
Family holiday 10.01.2016
Family holiday 10.01.2016
Two families came to us from Vinnitsa. We met them, ride horses on our land, guests were lucky with the...
January 19, 2016
Hunting with husky on pheasants 01/08/2016 year
Hunting with husky on pheasants 01/08/2016 year
Wonderful team came to us from Volyn. Father and son brought a young dog named “Chak”, which hunted the first...
January 18, 2016
Guests from Lviv
Guests from Lviv
At the 4th of January the family came to us from the city Lviv. At first they walked winter wood...
December 24, 2015
Hunting 22/12/2015
Hunting 22/12/2015
On the territory of our club held a good hunt involving hunters from England and Scotland. We met the guys...